My name is Cheri Schneider and I have lived in Smoke Rise since 1992. I am not a trained journalist, English aficionado or ‘real’ author, but I DO LOVE TO WRITE! Recently I was asked to become an editor of the Smoke Signal. Prior to that, I had been writing a regular article for the Mountain Mums Garden Club and occasional special interest articles.

My education includes a Bachelor of Sciences in Biology and Chemistry in 1979 followed by graduation from medical school in 1983 (M.D. degree) from Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, Tulsa, Oklahoma. I completed my residency in Family Medicine In Wichita, Kansas (I had an article published, too!). Afterwards I joined a wonderful group of Board Certified Family Physicians in the Kansas City area and practiced for 6 years. I wrote a regular medical column for the Olathe Daily News during part of that time.

I moved to Stone Mountain and entered a whole new life when I met and married Michael Schneider. While I did (and am beginning to do again) some volunteer work as a physician, most of my Smoke Rise ‘career’ has revolved around raising 4 children. In addition, I am a member and a past president of the Mountain Mums Garden Club and as mentioned, currently write their monthly article. For the past two years I have also written the Sunday School curriculum for the middle school class at North East Metro Christian Fellowship in Norcross ... a year-round labor of love!

I look forward to writing and editing for the Smoke Signal, and volunteering with this great group of people!!

Cheri Schneider , MD


Feature Writer - Health Notes

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