I started writing for Smoke Signal around 1985 when they needed someone to write the Hodgepodge column. Since I had been catering since 1978 and loved to cook, it was a good fit for me. I shared the column with Carol Warnock for a while but soon ended up with full responsibility. I was Secretary for probably 10 years in addition and then, about 4 years ago, Marty asked me to consider editing....

So now I still do the Hodgepodge column, editing and some writing. Catering has taken “back seat” to my piano teaching (which I have been doing since 1972!) but I still love cooking and have written three cookbooks for community charities.

I got involved on the staff originally when Sue Clements was editor and she invited me to join the group. We were working on the paper when it was still necessary to go to the typesetter’s house and actually lay out the advertisements and articles to fit. It sure is easier now!

I have lived in Smoke Rise since 1979 and have moved three times...all in Smoke Rise! Our first home was in Stratmor Hills, then on Old Stone Mountain Road and now on Rosser Road. I have been active in the Stone Mountain Woman’s Club, Rotary Club of Stone Mountain, DAR and have volunteered for many organizations in Stone Mountain Village (Historic Society, Visitor Center Board, ART station, etc.)
I attend First United Methodist Church in Tucker and enjoy bowling on a couple of leagues that will accept a sorry bowler like me.

I  have two grown daughters, Eleanor and Emily. I love gardening and pond work and lately have been renovating/restoring a couple of old homes in Stone Mountain Village.

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Jenny Hall

Guest Writer - Hodge Podge