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Joel Gilbert was recruited to write for the Smoke Signal in 2018 during months when staff needed more content than our volunteer writers had been able to contribute.  A prolific writer with deep experience across a broad range of subjects from engineering, to fishing, to orchestra, theology, computer programming, architecture, to piloting boats, filling our pages with interesting content came easy for him.

Professionally, following a dizzying career helping most all the largest US utilities with their largest commercial and industrial customers, he gave up his consulting practice to form Apogee Interactive with his wife.  At Apogee, Joel is the Chief Software Architect where he directs the design and development of energy analysis applications using the highest standards in building science, engineering, operational patterns, weather data and pricing to ensure analytical integrity.

Joel began his career working at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory in the design of nuclear power plants aboard submarines under Admiral Rickover.  Having completed a second master’s degree in operations research and new product introduction and wanting to take a break from engineering, he moved to the New York Hospital Association where he served as Deputy Director responsible for setting care standards in the state’s New York City hospitals.

Joel’s hobbies give him great material for articles.  Outside his daunting professional accomplishments, Joel plays all of the woodwind instruments except flute preferring bassoon, which he plays in three orchestras. As a woodworker, in his shop, he has built several strip built canoes and rowboats.  Besides his writing for the Smoke Signal, he publishes two weekly blogs, one professionally, Captain-Obvious.com, and one personal, Geek Theology.net.

Joel holds both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemical engineering and a master’s in management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York where he is also a licensed professional engineer.

Joel Gilbert, P.E.

Staff Writer